Nutaku is an adult game platform with mainly hentai games and mature content. The company locates in Canada and it focuses on browser, downloadable, and mobile games, providing microtransactions and buyable options. Nutaku offers a great many of more than 450 free-to-play and charged games of various genres including action-adventure, collectible card game, dating sim, massively multiplayer online game, puzzle, real-time strategy, tower defense, turn-based strategy (TBS), strategy, kinetic novels, visual novels, as well as virtual reality. Until early 2020, Nutaku had 50 million registered users. It is particularly noted for its broad selection of translated Japanese erotic games.
1. Are Nutaku Apps Safe?
Ochako_chan: While on mobile phones, the Nutaku app is really safe and reliable. You can download and update from there; it is really easy!
2. Is Nutaku a Secure Site for My Card?
Deus_ith: I had this problem before. What I did is to create an email account exclusively to check the site out (starting with Fap ceo) and never ever had a problem. I even ventured to download the desktop client and later to buy some Nutaku coins with my CC. Zero problems until now, so Nutaku transactions secure.
3. Nutaku Games Safe
I ve been playing Nutaku games for quite a while now and I haven t yet encountered a single problem. Sometimes, there may be a problem with a game bit loading or whatever, but as far as getting a virus or anything of the sorts, it isn t got happen with Nutaku.